Our process:

  • Blocks are stripped bare and cleaned at high temperature using a High pressure washer.
  • Blocks are then checked thoroughly for any imperfections.
  • Bored on Rottler boring bar according to each piston manufacturers specs.
  • Honed with Torque Plates using Sunnen cvc-16-assuring maximum ring seal.
  • Align Hone mains if necessary- Sunnen CH-100.
  • Check surface of block and square deck if requested or necessary.
  • Tap all holes in block and galley plugs.
  • Balance assembly - CWT IND. Multibalance 3000
    • Industry standard is 1.5 grams
    • Your motor is balanced to 5/10 of a gram for street cars & 2/10 of a gram for race cars to 8,000 rpm
  • Micro Polish crank
  • File fit rings to specs for application.
  • Check bearing clearances
  • Clean Block for final assembly
  • Install Cam bearings (Clevite or Durabond)
  • Install Brass FR plugs kit and galley plugs
  • Clean all parts (pistons, rings, bearings, crank, etc.) and Inspect.
  • Engine is completely Blueprinted and professionally assembled
    • Bore checked with dial bore gauge
    • Lifter bores checked for size and clearance;
      • polished with flap wheel for smooth rotation
    • Piston rings check in bore for precise gap
    • Crank and main bearings, installed & checked
    • 3 coats of high temperature engine paint is applied
      • standard black- contact/email for additional colors

Long Block Process

  • Camshaft is degreed to specs
  • Piston to valve clearance is checked
  • Cylinder heads are installed & torqued to proper specs
  • Correct pushrod length is determined
  • Rokers are installed and adjusted
  • Oil system is pressure tested
  • All tin ware is installed

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All motors are carefully shrink wrapped, strapped firmly to wooden pallets and shipped Freight-Collect to your doorstep.


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