Specialties Machining is located in a 3,000 sq. ft., all inclusive facility in Pompano Beach Florida with over 50+ years of combined experience in building performance street/race/drag motors.
Specialties Machining turns its focus to professional assembly, port and polish with complete flow bench work and balancing of ALL Domestic and Imports.

With its dedicated staff of Ronnie Wilson, Tyree Smith, Nelson Acosta, and Joe Buissereth, their success definitely does not go unnoticed; along with constant appearances in national magazines, Wilson and Smith are icons at race events with many top winning finishes, quick times and flashy paint schemes.

Specialties Machining features an all inclusive premier shop containing a Dyno-jet for fine tuning, a full floor of specialty machines such as the Sunnen CH-100 Align Home Machine, Custom Multi BFC 3000 Computer Balance and Mill, Sunnen CV-616, Rottler Hone Machine, Sunnen Rod Honing, Storm Vulcan Mill, Serdi Vavle Job, Crank Polisher, JKM Dual Flow 600 Flow bench that enables the expert staff of Specialties Machining to live up to the reputation of high quality and professional service that is known throughout South Florida and the racing leagues.

Name: Ronnie Wilson
Position: Specialties Machining Manager, 18+ years experience.
Location: Pompano Beach, FL
Car: Kawi green 1988 Ford LX Coupe, 347 motor
Vitals: 18+ years street/competition drag racing, Runs NMRA-Pro Series & Fun Ford Races, Heads-up & Grudge Racing, Low 8 seconds
Name: Tyree Smith
Position: Specialties Machining Machinist/Cylinder Head Developer, 20+ years experience.
Location: North Miami, FL
Car: 1966 Chevy Nova, Black w/ Blue Pearl Ghost Flames

Very Low 8 seconds. Dominated the South Florida Street Racing Scene for 20+ years!
Finished 4th in Pro Edelbrock Extreme Street 2002, 10.5 Outlaw Champion 1996 & 1997. Fastest car in the country on 10.5 tire w/stock suspension.

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